A very simple Engagement Process

Document Your Virtual Organization Issues and Other Topics of Interest.    In your own words, make a note of the virtual organization issues you are faced with. You are welcome to review the list of potential virtual organization topics in order to get some ideas.

Up to Three (3) Internal Stakeholders May Attend the Consultation. In addition to yourself, you have the option to select two (2) other internal stakeholders (i.e., executives from within your own organization) to participate in the consultation. Consultation Will Be Provided Via Videoconference in accordance with virtual organization videoconference protocols.

Up to One Hour Is Available for the Virtual Organization Consultation. You have as much time as you need in order to discuss your virtual organization issues and other topics of interest, subject to a limit of one hour per consultation engagement.

Submit Virtual Organization Consultation Request. CLICK HERE in order to submit an On-Demand Virtual Organization Advisors Consultation Request in accordance with our terms of engagement. Upon receipt and validation of your request, your organization will receive information on how to Schedule Your On-Demand Virtual Organization Consultation in your local time zone. Upon receipt of notification of your Scheduled Consultation, your organization will receive an invoice which is due and payable upon receipt.

Confirmation of Virtual Organization Consultation Engagement. Upon receipt of payment for the virtual organization consultation engagement, you will be provided with details regarding the scheduled videoconference along with our Virtual Organization Videoconference Protocols.

Post-Videoconference Submission of Formal Virtual Organization Advisors Recommendations. Upon conclusion of the consultation engagement, Virtual Organization Advisors will submit to you within a maximum of 30 days a “Formal Virtual Organization Advisors Recommendations” document (in PDF format) which encapsulates the core issues discussed during the videoconference and details on how to proceed.

That’s all there is to it! CLICK HERE in order to submit an On-Demand Virtual Organization Advisors Consultation Request.

Engagement Fee

Simple Virtual Organization Consulting Fee. A set fee of USD $15,000 is charged per consultation engagement with up to three (3) internal stakeholders. That means your organization is charged per virtual organization consultation session and NOT on a per person or per minute basis. In other words, the fee remains the same regardless of the number of meeting participants or the amount of time spent, subject to the maximum allotment time of one hour per session.

In the grand scheme of things, it is both a very smart and small investment and a far-reaching business or national security decision.